Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Status Report (UPDATED)

Here is a more detailed status report:

Netherwerks- Complete
Arkhein- Complete
Risus Monkey- Complete
Migellito-Prepare background.

As multiple versions of characters and backgrounds have been posted in comments on several different blog posts and others have been showing up in email, let me know if you have completed a task and I don't seem to realize that you have done so.

If  characters are completed tomorrow I will try to post the first turn on Thursday 4/28. Otherwise, it may be delayed until the following Monday.


  1. Okay, here is my character. My background is a bit generic. I am too unfamiliar with the setting to get too specific.

    Maxamilian "Max" Drankan Homeworld: ???

    Race: Human Sex: Male
    Class: Scientist
    Str: 12
    Dex: 9
    Con: 6 -1 Hit Point/Saving Throw Modifier
    Int: 18 +3 Language,Skill/Power Selection Mod
    Psy:16 +2 Saving Throw Mod, +1 PSY Power success rolls
    Cha: 10 4 Retainers. 7 Retainer Morale

    Hit Points: 9

    Background Skills: Brawler, Driver. Scavenger, Survivalist, Air Pilot, Comms Tech, Comp Tech, Robo Tech, Archeologist, Jack, Mathematician, Medic

    Professional Skills (Scientist): Physician +2, Emergy Pistol, Chemist, Roboticist

    Powers: Holographic Scanner, Heat Ray

    Starting Credits 2000

    Gear: Laser Pistol, Skin Suit, Backpack, Canteen, Utility Belt, Communicator ( Micro-set ), Scan Googles, Med Kit, Flask 2 doses, Survival Rations 1 week, Air Tablets x 5, "Lens"

    Remaining Credits 125

    Max is the son of prominent scientists. His father, Phineous Drankan, a xeno-archeologist traveled to many alien worlds. His wife a physician, traveled with her husband as the expedition's doctor. Max also accompanied his parents, and he soon began helping his father and mother at an early age; his intelligence astounding everyone who meet him. Working on remote worlds with his parents, Max wore many hats, and learned to make do with what he could find.

    It was on one of these trips that a plague was unleashed during one of the archeological digs. Max fell ill, and only through his mothers diligent care, medical knowledge, and discovery of a cure, prevented his death. Unfortunately, the virus severely compromised his health.

    Because of the effect the virus had on his health, Max choose his primary field as medical science, in the hopes of improving his health. Max is short on funds, and is seeking a better way to fund his research. His last contractual assignment is now over, and he wants to find more lucrative opportunities...

  2. @Zanazaz: Thanks. You might consider going with a less western sounding more Sunuz like names e.g. Maxaml, Maxmún, Maxmetl, or Maxmúkid for Maxamilian and Fúmis or Vinsyaz for Phineous.

  3. Yeah, I was unfamiliar with naming conventions. I can change it no prob, but I thought eccentric scientists might choose Old Earth type names, unless those have been lost to history? Anyway, Maxaml is fine, as well as Vinsyaz.

  4. @ Zanazaz: Thanks!

    @ Migellito: Quo vadis?

  5. I've been off the grid while moving into a new house, but I'm working up my background info this morning. Sorry for the delay, all!

  6. I emailed it all to The Drune earlier today, so hopefully I'm all ready to go.

  7. @migellito: Glad you made it.

    @ All: First Turn is up. I've tried to set this up as a sandbox allowing multiple paths/options. I suggest that you might consider working out a plan in comments and posting the final plan. You may want to elect a leader or caller. If you decide to split the group that's fine also. Let me know if you have any questions.