Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Turn 10: Western

Twenty feet above the narrow Martian street of Akupánthur’s old quarter, the borrowed delivery van begins to slowly spin and drift back toward the ground as Jesamin lets off the accelerator. Beneath its skirt, a whirlwind is blowing, kicking up great clouds of red dust and debris from the mostly deserted street.  The van is soon at street level, facing west on in an intersection, probably two blocks north of the Lodge.  A crowded open air bazaar can be seen about five blocks west, down the street.
Three shots are heard and an explosion rocks the vehicle. Blue flames spew from the forward engine compartment.  Sparks fly as the GEV sputters and skips along the roadway.  As the dust clouds clear, the three Shén enforcers are visible walking up the street, wisps of smoke drifting from their raised wavium pistols.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Turn 9: Air

Jesamin feels the heat on the back of her neck and energy crackles in the cramped vehicle as Taliat and Tabash fire out the driver’s side window from the rear. Tabash’s shot misses widely but the burst from Taliat’s heat ray rifle strikes Lénzur’s Shén.
As Cookie, crouched in the floorboards, screws with the van’s wiring, Jesamin makes the  hard right onto the narrow Martian street. The maneuver opens up a clear shot for Sun, in the back of the van. His antique disrupter rifle hums loudly and a bluish white pulse of energy impacts the target.
Staggering from the raygun fire, the Shen in the street manages to get off a shot with his wavium pistol. The sabot packed with depleted wavium pellets explodes against the side of the vehicle. Jesamin is momentarily blinded by the flash and suffers a serious burn on her left arm and neck.  Her skin suit quickly seals over the injury.
Cookie touches the black wire to the green wire and the old hover craft lurches into the thin red air, leveling out about 20 feet over the low Martian rooftops of Akupánthur’s Old Quarter;  from this vantage, two more Shén in red and gold are seen emerging from the Lodge. Their leader squeezes off another pistol shot and the round explodes harmlessly behind the flying van.
The domes and spires of star-port and tall ships on their launch pads are visible to the west. The Old Quarter stretches toward the city walls in the north and east and the palace of the local warlord rises in the south amidst the villas of Akupánthur’s elites.
[Jesamin took 4 hit points damage from the wavium pistol burst]

Monday, May 23, 2011

Turn 8: Martian Fried Kaika

The motley crew of off-worlders and Martian demi-Shen squeeze into the Feasting Hall and Lodge of Joyful Endings’ small delivery van. It’s an ancient atomic GEV retrofitted to burn bio-fuel and when Jesamin hits the ignition switch the compartment, already slightly reeking of burning Shén, fills with the smell of deep fried kaika.

Jesamin guns the engine and the old machine is soon off the ground and hurtling down the alley leaving trashy whirlwinds in its wake.

Just as the vehicle reaches the narrow two-way street, Jesamin and Cookie catch a glimpse of the leader of the gold and red suited Shén at the front of the hall. He stands about 50 feet away, out the driver’s window.

He looks surprised, but he’s turning and aiming a mean look wavium pistol at the van…

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Turn 7: Snapshots

Cookie lobs the tangler grenade and catapults himself into the nearby dumpster. He doesn’t see the grenade land dead center between the two Shen but he hears the sticky smack of the burst. Both Sn are flattened by the goo and completely entangled.
Simultaneously, Jesamin fires her disruptor pistol at one of the Sn.  She watches in dismay as the barrel glows and melts and she drops the broken pistol as the butt quickly becomes too hot to handle.
Arto fires his heat ray; the beam strikes one of the trapped Sn and the alien howls in pain. He notices that the ray has ignited a portion of the web.
Sun watches from the corner of the building and Max draws his lasr, taking cover beside the dumpster.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Turn 6: Kitchen Stadium

Scene in slow motion
By the time Cookie reaches the metal swinging doors, slowed by the pull of his sword and the bandolier of grenades, they are already wide open into the hall, bolts rattling in the hinges. A few knives and pots and pans whistle past his head.
Taliat and Tabash are on his heels headed into the kitchen, struggling against the strong magnetic field that has gripped their heavy gear and armor.  The kitchenware that narrowly missed the hunchback pummels Taliat and a meat cleaver, propelled at incredible velocity, rips through his space armor, slicing into his leg.  The suit instantly re-seals, ejecting the dented bloody blade and sending it aloft. The cleaver, spinning end over end,  ricochets off Tabash’s armor.
Max, Arto, and Jesamin pass the two stunned Shén at the kitchen doors, catching up to Cookie. Kitchen appliances have been pulled away from the walls, pipes have burst spraying water, and the air is filled with flying utensils and cookware. A small, flying laserwave oven nearly takes Max’s legs out from under him; fracturing his ankle and ripping a gaping hole in his skin suit which quickly self repairs. 
Arto and Jesamin notice one of the Shén thugs, unconscious and being dragged under a refrigeration unit toward the hall.  They manage to avoid the magnetized maelstrom and burst through the rear exit, just behind Cookie.  Taliat and Tabash stumble out behind them and limping Max brings up the rear.  The entire building seems to be vibrating behind them.
In the alley behind the Lodge, they are confronted by two more of Lénzur Akupánthur’s Shén, evidently left to watch the exit.  They are holding wavium rifles but look pretty surprised by the chaos.  There is no sign of Husz Chénu.

Meanwhile Sun has topped the stairs, sprinted down the much safer upstairs hallway, entered his room, retrieved his weapons and crashed through the window. He lands awkwardly and painfully on a deserted side street and notices rips in his skin suit slowly seal.

[Taliat and Max have both taken 4 hp damage from kitchenware and appliances, Sun suffers 3 hp damage from the fall...I don't seem to have an hp total for Sun...]

Friday, May 13, 2011

Turn 5: Zero Time

Busboy to Cookie: Grenades? Yes Ser! The kitchen is a wreck! The lizard man is tearing the place apart!
Shén Boss to Magnetic Dwarf: Get up you sniveling little mutant!  I know Chénu is still here…You need to find him now…
The three-legged dwarf’s black eyes are growing larger by the second, its pallid skin going bright red. Small metal objects in the room are beginning to vibrate. 
Chénu telepathically to Jesamin: This can’t end well…hopefully we will meet again soon…remember Dome 6 on the Sugwé Moisture Farm…”

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Turn 4 The Never Mind

Long seconds of tension, nearly everyone in the room has their hand on a raygun.  Tabash and Taliat are familiar enough with local warlords to know that Lénzur Akupánthur is the young nephew of sub-Nar Barzu , Lord Akupánthur-the city’s ruler.
The Shén leader looks Sun in the eyes for a long second and laughs, “That’s a good one, you big gorilla.  I believe you too.  Go about your life.”
He turns and walks across the room to the magnetic dwarf still coughing on the floor. The other Shén still blocks the arched doorway, the exit to the street.  The Shén that only moments ago ascended the stairs appears at the top landing and shouts down, ”No sign of him up here.  No exit, unless he went out a window."

The last Shén, the one that disappeared into the kitchen, does not reappear.  Maybe he found Cookie’s stash of pickles.
“Very curious..."  Her last words to Arto echoing in Jesamin’s skull, the words distort the voice in her head twists into a voice not her own, the voice of Husz Chénu.
“Dear girl, I have given my current situation some thought and I feel that a vacation in the countryside might be prudent.  If you remain interested in my earlier proposition, I have decided to forego the 2000 Credit buy-in and I’m willing to lead you and your friends to the site for a fair share of the treasure recovered that we can negotiate at a later time.  I will also be able to provide transportation and some meager field supplies.
I suggest that you invite the mercenaries…the bronze man and the two reptilians…I feel that a bit of extra muscle might be needed for this job.  If you find this offer agreeable, we should meet in exactly twelve standard hours at Dome 6 on the Sugwé Moisture Farm. One of my former wives and her current husband manage the facility.
Dome 6 sits under the northeastern collector tower; you should be able to see it from a distance. The moisture farm is located a few miles beyond the north city gate in the Agricultural District. It is surrounded by a high wall that you will need to scale.  Take care in the desert and avoid the robotic guards on the farm.  I will do what I can to prepare for your arrival but those robots tend to shoot first and think later…
Lénzur Akupánthur’s Shén are using the magnetic dwarf to track me. I’ve worked with him before.  Evidently he is familiar with the aura of my body’s magnetic field and although he does not appear to be a willing pawn, it’s likely only a matter of minutes before he is able to identify my location and inform the Shén. 
If you could arrange some sort of diversion so that I might find egress from this place I would consider it a personal favor.  If you are thinking of turning me over to Akupánthur, I assure you that the venture I propose is potentially much more profitable…and I have certain countermeasures in place.
Oh…the dwarf is a very powerful and dangerous mutant and I don’t believe Lénzur’s thugs realize this.  I’d recommend that you and your friends attempt to leave this place very soon as well…it could get very ugly here very soon…”

Friday, May 6, 2011

Turn 3: Magnetic Dwarf and the Reptillians

As Sun introduces himself to Jesamin, Arto, and Max; Taliat and Tabash, followed by Cookie, move toward Husz Chénu. A commotion at the entrance of the Feasting Hall and Lodge of Joyful Endings attracts the attention of all in the common room. Four armed Shén in red and gold streaked still suits  stand just inside the doorway. One of the Shén has lifted a gray skinned magnetic dwarf in a torn prole's jumpsuit off the floor and holds him aloft by his throat. The dwarf is gasping for air and helplessly kicking his three legs. The Shén tosses him to the floor and the dwarf coughs, “I tell you, Ser, he is here…”

Taliat and Tabash see the color drain from Chénu’s face. Taliat, peripherally, notices the cause for this odd displacement of blood from the face of the human. Two of the Shén are staring directly at Chénu, teeth bared. One shouts in Martian accented Sunuz and reaches for a wavium pistol in a low slung holster, “There he is. Chénu- Don’t move!”

Simultaneously, a silver hued ray, seemingly emanating from the top of his skull, envelops Husz Chénu.  His form briefly shimmers, becomes spectral, and he vanishes...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Turn 2 /Last Call

[I would like to see some resolution of the current situation in Turn 2 so Turn 3 will be delayed until Friday unless there are some significant developments in the next two hours.]

Monday, May 2, 2011

Turn 2: Probabilities

Husz Chénu, after silently listening to the various propositions, and peripherally watching the two Shen and Cookie whispering together, looks somewhat annoyed and finally interrupts, almost whispering.

"My new friends, I will be utterly honest with you at the risk of my own loss of ego. I am in dire need of the 2000 Credits. Not that 2000 Credits is a large sum for me but I have a past due debt in the amount of 25000 Credits incurred at the Death Arena last week...the remainder of my assets are tied up in various properties and investments and I'm exactly 2000 Credits short of the 25. If I don't satisfy this obligation immediately, the cost will most likely be my right hand or worse...

Furthermore, I assure you that this particular site looks very promising and under better conditions I would ask for 5000 Credits and a 25% share or organize my own expedition. Although I cannot disclose the source from which I obtained the coordinates and the other details of the site, I am absolutely certain that this information remains privileged yet I cannot guarantee that it will remain so for more than a few days. If you are primarily concerned about my veracity and my intentions to treat you all fairly, allow me to set your minds at ease. I am a long time resident of the city and keep an office in the Old Quarter. You would have no difficulty in locating me should I attempt some subterfuge against you and feel free to inquire about the premises if you need testament to my good character.

It is most unfortunate for us all that you seem to be equally afflicted with pecuniary woes. I must go and attempt to peddle this prize elsewhere unless...

Perhaps you might be interested in intervening on my behalf with the individual that I am indebted to? Not that I am asking you to engage in a criminal act but if this individual was to meet with some accident...no, he is well connected, a nephew of the sub-Nar and I fear the prefecture of police might be motivated to actually investigate such an accident...

A better idea, one or several of you that might have a penchant for violence could be sponsored to fight in the Arena. There are matches tomorrow and I'm sure that earning a few thousand credits would be possible. I would even be willing to wager on the match and use my winnings to assist you in acquiring transportation and other supplies that you will need for...say...an additional 10% share...

What do you say friends?"