Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Turn 10: Western

Twenty feet above the narrow Martian street of Akupánthur’s old quarter, the borrowed delivery van begins to slowly spin and drift back toward the ground as Jesamin lets off the accelerator. Beneath its skirt, a whirlwind is blowing, kicking up great clouds of red dust and debris from the mostly deserted street.  The van is soon at street level, facing west on in an intersection, probably two blocks north of the Lodge.  A crowded open air bazaar can be seen about five blocks west, down the street.
Three shots are heard and an explosion rocks the vehicle. Blue flames spew from the forward engine compartment.  Sparks fly as the GEV sputters and skips along the roadway.  As the dust clouds clear, the three Shén enforcers are visible walking up the street, wisps of smoke drifting from their raised wavium pistols.


  1. "Hmmm . . ." Cookie scratched the stubble on his chin. "I wonder if I bumped the fuel line into the catalytic converter - because - well - I think there is something on fire."

    He grabbed a fire extinguisher from under his seat and shot it into the open panel in the van's firewall. The old man then began flipping switches to reroute the fuel lines around the burning areas, hoping to save the engine and avoid an explosion that might rattle the control rods out of the power plant.

    "Dangit. Does anyone else hear that? It's like a pop-pop-pop. Almost like gunfire. Is the van backfiring?" He knelt down in the floorboard and gave the engine another blast of fire retardant. "Well?"

    - Ark (aka Mr. Magoo)

  2. Quickly scanning above and around the shen as they step out of the dust, Sungam looks for a structural element to hit with his old disruptor. Will he find a way to bring down a bit of the Old Quarter on top of their pursuers? Perhaps he can at least put some rubble between them, buying the impromptu group some time to lose the shen in the bazaar.

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  4. Max retracts his ten foot pole, and slides it back into it's pouch on the utility belt. Drawing his laser pistol, he checks the charge, and hops out of the van, looking for cover, and wincing as his painful ankle voicing it's protest at the movement.

  5. Head down, Jesamin does her best to resuscitate the GEV enough to get it the whole vehicle to cover.

    "Persistent buggers!"

    If the vehicle is hopeless, she will exit the vehicle in such a way as to minimize her exposure to fire. She'll then dash for the bazaar.