Friday, May 6, 2011

Turn 3: Magnetic Dwarf and the Reptillians

As Sun introduces himself to Jesamin, Arto, and Max; Taliat and Tabash, followed by Cookie, move toward Husz Chénu. A commotion at the entrance of the Feasting Hall and Lodge of Joyful Endings attracts the attention of all in the common room. Four armed Shén in red and gold streaked still suits  stand just inside the doorway. One of the Shén has lifted a gray skinned magnetic dwarf in a torn prole's jumpsuit off the floor and holds him aloft by his throat. The dwarf is gasping for air and helplessly kicking his three legs. The Shén tosses him to the floor and the dwarf coughs, “I tell you, Ser, he is here…”

Taliat and Tabash see the color drain from Chénu’s face. Taliat, peripherally, notices the cause for this odd displacement of blood from the face of the human. Two of the Shén are staring directly at Chénu, teeth bared. One shouts in Martian accented Sunuz and reaches for a wavium pistol in a low slung holster, “There he is. Chénu- Don’t move!”

Simultaneously, a silver hued ray, seemingly emanating from the top of his skull, envelops Husz Chénu.  His form briefly shimmers, becomes spectral, and he vanishes...


  1. Cookie sighed as Chénu disappeared in front of him. "I know I'm getting old and kind of fuzzy in the head, but did you fellers see our meal ticket just get eaten by . . . um . . God?"

    - Ark

  2. Deciding to play this for information, Sungam looks at the shen who shouted, and asks "What have you done with him?"

  3. The shouting Shén, likely the leader, gestures at his comrades; one moves in front of the entrance of the Feasting Hall and another moves quickly toward the kitchen . The third climbs the stairs toward the sleeping rooms.

    The leader, wavium pistol in hand, bellows to the room:

    “Lord Lénzur Akupánthur offers 2000 Credits for the head of the debtor Husz Chénu.”

    He immediately approaches Sun and Cookie and speaks to Sun:

    “What is your interest human? Are you friend to the monkey Chénu?”

  4. "Is that who just disappeared? I hadn't met him. Who is he?"

  5. Still bemused by Ser Chénu’s spectacular exit, Arto warily watches the excitable Shén buttonman. He keeps his hands perfectly still, even though his instinct is to go for his heater.

    “What did that Shén say?” Arto whispers to Jesamin and Maxaml from the side of his mouth, “Cr2,000 for Ser Chénu’s head? That is the sum Chénu wanted from us to repay his debts. I think these Shén are who they say they are – emissaries of Lord Lénzur Akupánthur.”

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  6. Quietly to Arto, Jesamin says, "Yes, 2,000 credits. Had we know, we could have nabbed him then and there. Well, if we weren't so excited to investigate some lost ruin. I'm still interested in the lost ruin, but that means we need to find this Chénu.

    "I wonder...Do you think he was ever really here. Could it have bit of holographic magic or some other strangeness that merely presented his image to us? Very curious..."

    Jesamin's fingers do move to her low-slung ray pistol under the table.

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  7. Tabash and Taliat watch everything very quietly and very warily. We didn't trust this Chenu-monkey. He didn't smell right. But if he's worth 2,000cr, then we're much more interested in him than before.

    We'll keep an eye on these other shen and make sure our weapons are ready--just in case. Perhaps they are not as professional as thy look. Possibly they are upset about missing their target. We could use new still suits.

    Have we ever herd of this Lord whatshistitle before?