Friday, May 13, 2011

Turn 5: Zero Time

Busboy to Cookie: Grenades? Yes Ser! The kitchen is a wreck! The lizard man is tearing the place apart!
Shén Boss to Magnetic Dwarf: Get up you sniveling little mutant!  I know Chénu is still here…You need to find him now…
The three-legged dwarf’s black eyes are growing larger by the second, its pallid skin going bright red. Small metal objects in the room are beginning to vibrate. 
Chénu telepathically to Jesamin: This can’t end well…hopefully we will meet again soon…remember Dome 6 on the Sugwé Moisture Farm…”


  1. Cookie accepted the bandolier of grenades from the bus-boy and slung them over his shoulder. A female patron, upon seeing the string of weapons, gasped.

    "Oh get over it, lady. How the hell do you think we keep the rats out of your food anyway?"

    To the bus-boy, Cookie barked, "Good work boy. Head to checkpoint delta-upsilon-mu and await further orders. Dropship should be coming in hot. Arm the mortars with neuro-toxin shells and fire your barrage only after the troops hit the ground." He blinked, looking around, remembering he was in a restaurant. "Um, I mean, go sound the fire alarm."

    "All right boys," he yelled at the Shen, yanking a tangler grenade off of his bandolier. "Time to break cover. We've got a rogue agent in the kitchen and he's hunting for the pickle barrel. No one pirates gherkins on my watch!"

    With that, the hunchback busted down the door and ran in. Within a matter of seconds, Cookie realized he had invaded the broom closet. After running out and reorienting himself, he looked back at the Shen. "Oh, by the way, there is an back exit in the kitchen, should you want pop out for a smoke after rescuing the pickles."

    Cookie then rushed through the two metal swinging doors of the kitchen, ready and raring to go.

    - Ark

  2. We suggest that Sun and our new acquaintances might consider following Cookie out the back exit. Quickly. Before things get loud and uncomfortable...

  3. Suddenly aware that the sporks and knives on the tabletop are beginning to rattle and move about, Arto glances up at Sungam and the two Shén with him. “I agree. A rapid egress might be advisable.” He looks over at the magnetic dwarf. “I don’t know much about those strange little creatures, but I don’t think that this one should be going that colour.”

    Standing, Arto gestures for Jesamin and Maxaml to lead the way towards the kitchen. “If we see the busboy on our way out, we can arrange for our account to be forwarded to the ship,” he says, scooping a couple of sachets of salt and sweetener into a pocket.

  4. Sun quickly converts the proffered handshake into helping Arto to his feet, saying "I'll catch up with you outside."

    Sun quickly moves to the stairs, saying "I think your dwarf is broken" as he passes the shen. He sprints up the stairs and into his room, never slowing as he grabs his sword and rifle and crashes through the window.

  5. Max, having watched the events go from complicated to chaotic decides to head out the back way through the kitchen as suggested, yelling a warning to the other patrons.


    Hopefully, it would help cover there egress, and keep the Boss Shén busy as well. Grabbing his pack, Max runs for the kitchen...

  6. "Oh dear, things are getting messy."

    Jesmain makes her way out the back with the rest. he grips her ray pistol to cover their retreat, should it prove necessary.

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