Monday, May 16, 2011

Turn 6: Kitchen Stadium

Scene in slow motion
By the time Cookie reaches the metal swinging doors, slowed by the pull of his sword and the bandolier of grenades, they are already wide open into the hall, bolts rattling in the hinges. A few knives and pots and pans whistle past his head.
Taliat and Tabash are on his heels headed into the kitchen, struggling against the strong magnetic field that has gripped their heavy gear and armor.  The kitchenware that narrowly missed the hunchback pummels Taliat and a meat cleaver, propelled at incredible velocity, rips through his space armor, slicing into his leg.  The suit instantly re-seals, ejecting the dented bloody blade and sending it aloft. The cleaver, spinning end over end,  ricochets off Tabash’s armor.
Max, Arto, and Jesamin pass the two stunned Shén at the kitchen doors, catching up to Cookie. Kitchen appliances have been pulled away from the walls, pipes have burst spraying water, and the air is filled with flying utensils and cookware. A small, flying laserwave oven nearly takes Max’s legs out from under him; fracturing his ankle and ripping a gaping hole in his skin suit which quickly self repairs. 
Arto and Jesamin notice one of the Shén thugs, unconscious and being dragged under a refrigeration unit toward the hall.  They manage to avoid the magnetized maelstrom and burst through the rear exit, just behind Cookie.  Taliat and Tabash stumble out behind them and limping Max brings up the rear.  The entire building seems to be vibrating behind them.
In the alley behind the Lodge, they are confronted by two more of Lénzur Akupánthur’s Shén, evidently left to watch the exit.  They are holding wavium rifles but look pretty surprised by the chaos.  There is no sign of Husz Chénu.

Meanwhile Sun has topped the stairs, sprinted down the much safer upstairs hallway, entered his room, retrieved his weapons and crashed through the window. He lands awkwardly and painfully on a deserted side street and notices rips in his skin suit slowly seal.

[Taliat and Max have both taken 4 hp damage from kitchenware and appliances, Sun suffers 3 hp damage from the fall...I don't seem to have an hp total for Sun...]


  1. As he ran through the kitchen, Cookie took stock of his workplace. The pickle thief had been stopped cold by a suddenly sentient and mobile reefer. Cookie shrugged and cheered. "Yeah! You go, Reefer Bob. Tear Komodo over there a new blowhole!" He had long stopped wondering why inanimate objects just suddenly started dancing around and attacking people long ago. Things like that just happened - but no one every really liked to talk about it.

    Cookie looked around desperately for the pickle barrel. It was not in sight. Admittedly, the kitchen was a disaster, so a barrel of pickles would be hard to spot, but he suddenly noticed that the back door was open. His eyes widened.

    "Thieves have stolen the pickles!" he bellowed to everyone. "They probably are in the alley now, loading them up into the restaurant's delivery van and trying to hot-wire it. We must free the pickles! And this time, I don't think we can rely on the dumpster to fight our battles for us. Viva la gherkin!"

    As he raced out, he saw the two armed and bipedal iguana-birds in the alley, the delivery van behind them. "Fire in the hole!" he screamed as he chunked the tangler grenade between the two of them and, not quite insane enough to completely trust his aim, dove into the heavy dumpster near the exit.

    (Go ahead and roll for Cookie. He's got his eyes closed in the dumpster over there and wouldn't see the dice anyway.)

    - Ark

  2. Gesturing towards Cookie as she raises her trusty ray pistol, she shouts to her companions, "Who the hell is that guy?"

    Flicking the safety switch to "EXTREMELY DANGEROUS", she deliberately takes a sideways stance, aims briefly, and fires at the Shen on the left. One assumes that Cookie's tangler bomb would distract them enough to suppress their return fire. She will continue to shoot until she hits or the Shen recover their wits.

    She will look to Arto to lead them away from chaos and towards Dome 6.

  3. [ooc hit point roll - sorry to forget about that! [1d6] = 3 =9hp total]

  4. "Unh... my ankle..." Max reached for his med scanner, but saw and heard Cookie. A grenade? "Crudsticks!!"

    Not being familiar with grenades, Max dives, or more accurately, hops for cover the best he can, given that his ankle is busted.

    Things weren't going well, Max thought to himself. Perhaps a cushy job as a doctor on board a star cruiser might have been a better choice. [ When/If Max reaches cover he's pulling out his laser pistol. ]

  5. Sun picks himself up off the ground, his torn sleeves gradually coming back together. Staying a decent distance from the building, at least a couple of meters, Sungam makes his way around toward the back.

    As he reaches the corner, his rifle now slung over his shoulder and his scabbard belted round his waist, he slowly sidesteps to reveal the scene in back of the inn to his view.

    Seeing the grenade bounce toward the shen enforcers, but not sure what kind of grenade it is, he ducks quickly back behind the corner, ears covered to weather a potential blast.

  6. As he steps out into the alley, Arto spots the rifle-toting hench-Shén. As Cookie’s grenade hurtles towards them, Arto is aware of Jesamin drawing her weapon even as he draws his heater and drops to one knee.

    His shooting hand rises and extends towards the Shén, his raygun pointing like a finger of doom, while his off-hand moves to brace and support. He fires and then, targeting the other Shén, fires again.

    (OOK) – not being aware which Shén Jesamin is shooting at, I suppose there is an equal chance that Arto either fires at Jesamin’s Shén initially, or at the other one. (/OOK)

    “We need to get to Dome 6 at the Sugwé Moisture Farm,” Arto says quickly over his shoulder to Taliat and Tabash. “Do you gentlesophonts possess local knowledge? And would you be interested in an adventure that includes travel, treasure and …” he racks his brain for something either alliterative or appealing to Shén, “… pickles?”