Thursday, May 19, 2011

Turn 7: Snapshots

Cookie lobs the tangler grenade and catapults himself into the nearby dumpster. He doesn’t see the grenade land dead center between the two Shen but he hears the sticky smack of the burst. Both Sn are flattened by the goo and completely entangled.
Simultaneously, Jesamin fires her disruptor pistol at one of the Sn.  She watches in dismay as the barrel glows and melts and she drops the broken pistol as the butt quickly becomes too hot to handle.
Arto fires his heat ray; the beam strikes one of the trapped Sn and the alien howls in pain. He notices that the ray has ignited a portion of the web.
Sun watches from the corner of the building and Max draws his lasr, taking cover beside the dumpster.


  1. The ancient, hunchbacked man clambered out of the dumpster, a banana peel stuck in his hairnet and new stains appearing on his apron. Cookie began to whistle a cheery tune and carefully walked around the burning Shen to the back of the delivery van. Jingling the keys on his key-ring, he opened up the rear doors and peered inside.

    "Dagnabbit!" he grumbled. "No pickles back here either. Just those giant space carrots from Arcturus IX that Alejandro was supposed to bring inside. Lazy boy. When I get my hands on him . . ."

    A sudden and nauseating whiff of barbecued iguana tickled his nose and he peered around the door to the rest of group. "Nasty smell. That tangler web is flammable, by the way. I don't know where the gherkins went to. Looks like well have to grabs some pickles at the market."

    He held up the key and jangled them. "I'm legally blind, so the law don't care too much for me driving. Can anyone drive a stick?"

    - Ark

  2. Looking confused for a second, Cookie then remembers something vitally important.

    "I call shotgun! The rest of ya'll will have to sit on the space carrots."

    - Ark

  3. "Shit of Syraptus, last time I buy from Ninninyal junk dealers!'

    "Give me the keys old man, I'll drive. Everybody pile in!"

  4. Max hobbles towards the van, glancing at the mess of fiery tangleweb and lizardmen.


    "Well, I hope they inderstood that..."

    Climbing into the van, Max finds a comfy carrot to sit on...

  5. Hearing a sticky smack instead of the expected high explosive blast, Sungam spins back around the corner. Pity for the now-frying shen makes him run through several options to put them out of their misery, but necessity tears him away from their anguish and sends him sprinting for the old delivery van.

    Vaulting into the back of the van, Sun looks at Max, saying "they seem to have the stop and drop part down."

    With that, Sungam goes down on one knee in the back of the van, unslinging his old-style disruptor rifle to cover their departure.

  6. Some explanations for what transpired in these last few turns:

    Anyone that went through the kitchen was subject to attack by 1d4 randomly determined magnetized kitchen appliances, utensils or cookware that attacked at 0 level, Pots. pans, and untensils dealt 1d4 damage, small appliance 1d6 damage and large appliances 1d12.

    The pickle thief was hit by two pots for 7 hp damage and the refrigerator that did 11 points of damage, killing him.

    Taliat was attacked by 4 items and hit three times, with two natural 20s and a 19, but I decided the pots and pans would not inflict critical damage and only rolled 1+1+2 for damage.

    Everyone else was missed except Max, hit by the flying laserwave oven for 4 hp damage.

    I rolled another 20 for Cookie's grenade attack and realized there were no rules for critical hits with weapons that cause no damage so I decide that the grenade would have maximum effect.

    Arto hit with his heat pistol but I rolled a natural 1 for Jesamin followed by a 6 on a d6 indicating that her weapon was broken...

    I used the die roller on this web page for all rolls. If you'd prefer to roll for yourselves feel free, just post a to hit roll (d20), a damage roll, and a saving throw (d20) with each action.

  7. [I'm busting out laughing here. The DM should not agree with Cookie that the poor dead Shen was a pickle thief. That will only encourage the crazy old man. lol Thanks for the combat breakdown. I had no idea how to handle a missile weapon with a blast radius - roll to hit or save vs. sticky? Oh well, with a nat 20, I guess it don't matter. This game is a hoot so far - thanks for running. Oh, and you may not have noticed your celebrity roasting at :) ]

    - Ark

  8. Oh...I'm delaying the next turn pending actions by Taliat and Tabash.

    It's been very quiet in Netherspace lately...hope everything's ok.

  9. @ Ark: Thanks! I'm enjoying the game.

    I did notice the Tekumel in my Traveller post...very funny. I read it (like lots of posts) on my blackberry and I can't comment with the mobile and sometimes forget to go back later and do so.

  10. Holstering his heater, Arto scrambles into the back of the van with Sungam and Max. “How’s the leg?” he asks Max as he settles himself on the variously loosely stacked and unidentifiable vegetables. “You want me to take a look at it?”

  11. (OOK) Sorry about the delay in responding - this week has been about convincing the business owner that sacking staff out of hand is so '90's and if you treat staff as assets rather than ass wipes, they tend to work better. I got halfway there. Really enjoying the game and the murderous kitchen appliances were a hoot!(/OOK)