Monday, May 23, 2011

Turn 8: Martian Fried Kaika

The motley crew of off-worlders and Martian demi-Shen squeeze into the Feasting Hall and Lodge of Joyful Endings’ small delivery van. It’s an ancient atomic GEV retrofitted to burn bio-fuel and when Jesamin hits the ignition switch the compartment, already slightly reeking of burning Shén, fills with the smell of deep fried kaika.

Jesamin guns the engine and the old machine is soon off the ground and hurtling down the alley leaving trashy whirlwinds in its wake.

Just as the vehicle reaches the narrow two-way street, Jesamin and Cookie catch a glimpse of the leader of the gold and red suited Shén at the front of the hall. He stands about 50 feet away, out the driver’s window.

He looks surprised, but he’s turning and aiming a mean look wavium pistol at the van…


  1. "Evasive action! Hold on!"

    Full throttle and a hard turn to the right (assuming the driver is on the left side of the vehicle).

    "And if somebody could lay down some suppressing fire then I was be eternally grateful."

  2. Taliat and Tabash will take care of the suppressing fire through the best window / opening available, taking out the gold and red suited Shen if possible.

  3. As soon as the rear of the van affords Sungam a view of the front of the Feasting Hall, he opens fire on the shen leader.

  4. Cookie sighed. Apparently there was some sort of hub-bub going on, with all the guns sticking out of windows and loud firing - not that he could see what they were targeting.

    The old man hunkered down in the floorboard, pulled open a hatch, and began to fiddle with wires and knobs, trying to milk the last bit of energy out of the old, defunct atomic micro-turbine and channel it to the outlet value. After all, those old plutonium cores never die completely - they just half-life their way to obscurity.

    "Hold on, missy," he warned the driver. "I figure we are about to suddenly shoot up straight in the air 3 stories or sputter to a dead stop. Here we go!" And with that, he touched two wires together, creating a shower of sparks.

    "Yeeeeeeeehaaaaawww . . . "

    - Ark