Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Turn 9: Air

Jesamin feels the heat on the back of her neck and energy crackles in the cramped vehicle as Taliat and Tabash fire out the driver’s side window from the rear. Tabash’s shot misses widely but the burst from Taliat’s heat ray rifle strikes Lénzur’s Shén.
As Cookie, crouched in the floorboards, screws with the van’s wiring, Jesamin makes the  hard right onto the narrow Martian street. The maneuver opens up a clear shot for Sun, in the back of the van. His antique disrupter rifle hums loudly and a bluish white pulse of energy impacts the target.
Staggering from the raygun fire, the Shen in the street manages to get off a shot with his wavium pistol. The sabot packed with depleted wavium pellets explodes against the side of the vehicle. Jesamin is momentarily blinded by the flash and suffers a serious burn on her left arm and neck.  Her skin suit quickly seals over the injury.
Cookie touches the black wire to the green wire and the old hover craft lurches into the thin red air, leveling out about 20 feet over the low Martian rooftops of Akupánthur’s Old Quarter;  from this vantage, two more Shén in red and gold are seen emerging from the Lodge. Their leader squeezes off another pistol shot and the round explodes harmlessly behind the flying van.
The domes and spires of star-port and tall ships on their launch pads are visible to the west. The Old Quarter stretches toward the city walls in the north and east and the palace of the local warlord rises in the south amidst the villas of Akupánthur’s elites.
[Jesamin took 4 hit points damage from the wavium pistol burst]


  1. "We're in luck!" Cookie smiled, wrapping electrical tape around the wires. "The control rod didn't fall out of the reactor core. I hate it when that happens. I lost three thumbs that way."

    "Oh, they probably can track us, hmm . . . " the hunchback turned and ripped out a green board with sparks flying, followed by a puff of smoke. He waved the capacitor laden component at Sun. "Boy, take this and pitch it out the back. It's the IFF. I think. It might be the solenoid. If that's case - don't turn the van off, missy. We'll have hell starting her back up again."

    - Ark

  2. His stomach lurching as the van shoots skyward, Max grabs a structural support, as a few, loose vegetables roll out of the van.

    "Let's NOT go any higher shall we? Also it might be prudent NOT to pull out any more components Cookie!!!"

    (OOC I'm not sure how the extendable ten foot pole works, so if it doesn't work the way I describe in the following paragraph, ignore it... /00C)

    Holstering his laser pistol. Max pulls out his extendable 10' pole from his utility belt, and positions it between him and the open doors of the van in a horizontal position, slowly extending it until it is securely wedged between the walls of the van, giving him a more secure hand hold.

    Feeling a little safer, Max wonders if Cookie needs a psych evaluation.

    "It might be a good idea to eventually get CLOSER TO THE GROUND! Otherwise Cookie you're going to LOSE all your vegetables!"

  3. "OUUCH! Whoa! Could I please have altitude control back? I'd like to slip back down between the towers to lose any possible pursuit. And does anybody have some synthaskin or at least a refigipac? My neck feels like it's on fire."

  4. "Yes, I have a medkit. Once we get to a safe place I'll treat you. Not really safe to move around back here right now. No amount of synthaskin is going to help if I go splat on the ground!"

  5. Cookie nodded at Max, the banana peel still dangling from his hair-net. "No more in-flight engineering - gotcha. When they come and ask if I've voided the warranty I'll say no sireee! It were the gremlins who dunnit," the old man winked.

    "Nasty things, gremlins," he muttered to himself. "Caught a bad case of them on Deneb IX. The ship was half tore up by the time we landed back on Beta Comae Berenices. Funniest thing, the gremlins had used all the parts to build a giant ansible dish. No one could figure out who the heck they were trying to contact, but they had it pointed to the Horsehead Nebula before the fumigators came and put em all down. Never seen the like before or since."

    Cookie suddenly snapped out of his reverie and looked at Jesamin. "You never didn't not have no altitude control," he shook his head, causing the banana peel to wobble. "You just had a lot more gas venting out of your skirt nozzle. Ease up a pinch on your joystick and we'll be back on martialis-firma in no time."

    - Ark

  6. Clinging precariously to the back of the driver’s seat, Arto tries to ignore the smell of deep-fried kaika (and scorched Jesamin) and says, “You okay to keep driving, Jesamin, or do you want me to spell you?”

    He glances out the vehicle windows, trying to keep track of the gangster-Shén. “We need to find a moisture farm,” he says to Tabash, Taliat and Sun. “Do any of you know where the moisture farms are in this city?”

  7. "I'm ok, Arto, just keep an eye on the old man back there. While I appreciate his... enthusiasm... I'd like a little more notice before he adjusts the van's performance. Caught me by surprise, that's all."

  8. Sun takes the component from Cookie and looks at it, wondering if it shouldn't be 'dead' now that it's removed. Reluctantly, he flings it from the rear of the van.

    Taking a quick look forward out of the windscreen, Sungam replies to Arto, saying "we did some wage labor on a moisture farm a few days ago. If I remember right, from this view, most of them should be that way." He points toward an open area north of the city.

  9. Arto grins at Sun. “North? Excellent! Thank you, Ser.” Turning to Jesamin he says, “Heading north looks like a good bet. And it is away from those rather unfriendly Shén at the Taverna.

    “Travelling at this altitude has the advantage of avoiding traffic, but it does make us rather visible over long distances. Are there any height regulations for travel within the Old Quarter?” He looks around the interior of the hover van. “Anyone?”

  10. Sorry for the game delay. Turn 10 should be posted tomorrow evening.