Thursday, June 2, 2011

Turn 11: Fire

Cookie, still on the floorboards of the old GEV has no luck reaching the fuel lines so he finds a fire extinguisher, jams the nozzle into the opened access panel and sprays. This seems to keep the fire from spreading but the old van has had it and it skids to a stop. 
As everyone else is bailing, Sun scans the streetscape from the back of the van.  He can’t believe his luck. The reptilian thugs have paused to fire on the van -standing next to a parked Standard Utility marked “Abuzek’s Best Liquid Oxygen.” He aims his old disruptor at the vehicle, there is a loud hum followed by an explosion and a cloud of white smoke billowing down the street.


  1. Standing beside the battered GEV at the intersection, Arto looks down each street. “There’s a market a couple of blocks that way,” he says, pointing westward. “We could go through it and loop around to the north. Might help to loose these Shén-forcers.” He glances back at the billowing white cloud rising up from the Standard Utility. “Might help to loose whoever owned that utility, too. Someone’s going to be unhappy about the explosion.”

  2. Allowing himself a quick half-smile, Sungam gives Arto a nod of agreement and makes for the bazaar, taking an armload of hydroponic-enhanced mega-veg.

    Shifting the sheaf of colossal carrots at opportune times to obscure his features, Sun begins weaving through the market stalls, adopting the steady pace of a calm workman. He keeps an eye out for a cheap clothing vendor, with a view to trading his armload of orange for a simple hooded cloak.

  3. [Sorry, at NTRPGCON, so this will be brief. :) ]

    Cookie, realizing the van has given up the ghost, barrels out of the passenger seat in such a swift move, it almost knocks the banana peel from off of his hair net. He scans around and smiles.

    "Pickle Emporium!" the old man howls and runs as far as his hunchbacked frame will take him towards a collection of stalls.

    - Ark

  4. Jesamin is quite unprepared for the explosion and she interrupts her market dash to dive for cover. When she realizes that nobody is shooting at her, she poke her head up and sees the rest of the party running past. Picking herself off the ground, she runs after them, loosening her space sword in its scabbard as she goes.

  5. Max notices everyone running towards the market after the explosion. He follows the group the best he can, while trying to keep an eye out for the hostile Shén.