Monday, June 6, 2011

Turn 12: The Bazaar in Akupánthur

The party quickly distance themselves from the boiling white smoke cloud and, with no sign of pursuers, intermingle with the crowd in the bazaar. The open air market seems particularly busy and overheard fragments of conversations suggest that it may have just re-opened following the lifting of the siege and the beginning of a return to normalcy in the city.

Many booths offer mundane items, Martian street food, brightly colored textiles, clothing, and cheap imported gadgets from Luna. Humans, mutants, and aliens of most known species throng the street as customers and are for sale in the slaver’s booths.. In other booths there are weird and unnatural displays, contraband weapons, small outlawed armored tanks, dented used robots, drugs of every description, monsters from unknown worlds in energy cages and more.

At every booth barkers are chanting…”Bargains! Buy! Buy! Buy!”


  1. Looking around, Arto touches Jesamin’s sleeve to get her attention. He pauses, waiting for Max to catch them up, while gesturing for Sun, Cookie, and Taliat and Tabash to join them.

    Lowering his voice he says, “We seem to have placed a little distance between ourselves and our friends, but I fear our passage may, perchance, have brought some official attention to ourselves. I imagine that the Warlord’s forces will be on alert with the siege of the city only just lifted, and crashing vans and exploding Standard Utilities tend to tick the boxes that require further investigation.

    “I propose that we make our way through this market in a generally north-ish direction, while attempting to blend in with the locals. Perhaps, we can hire a rickshaw or hackney on the far side of the market and continue our journey with some speed but less flamboyance. Does this seem an agreeable proposal?”

  2. Such a rational proposal from Arto directly conflicts with the image in Cookie's head of the group stuffed in a stolen, pickle-laden ambulance and bursting out of the barricaded door of a burning warehouse to the staccato crescendo of automatic gunfire.

    "I guess that makes sense," the old man scratches his stubbly beard, then nods. "Okay, I'm in. We need to get to salvaging anyway!"

    - Ark

  3. Sungam nods in response to Arto's plan. "We should also try to avoid being noticed as a group by potential witnesses. I'll meet you at a rickshaw stand in the north end of the market."

    With that, Sun begins weaving through the market stalls, heading roughly northward through the throng. He'll wear his recently acquired cloak with the hood up, assuming he found a dealer willing to trade for giant space carrots.

  4. "Agreed. And since I feel naked without my melted ray pistol, I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for a replacement as I navigate the stalls. Not that I'm going to go out of my way..."

    So Jesamin begins transiting across the market towards the rendezvous, doing her best to maintain visual contact with at least one companion the whole way until she makes it across or encounters a weapons stall.