Thursday, June 9, 2011

Turn 13: Hello Walls

The party makes their way through the crowded bazaar, bearing to the north. Soon the high red plastisteel city walls loom in the near distance near the northern edge of the market.

Along the way, Sun manages to trade for a cheap dark grey hooded cloak of some odd vat grown synth-skin material. Jesamin finds a weapons booth where she has the opportunity to acquire a used Regulan disruptor pistol for CR 300. Prices for weapons in the market seem generally inflated. The Nininyal trader at the booth, speaking through a translation orb, offers a contraband black ray rifle for CR 3000 and a cumbersome Nyagga gamma ray pistol for CR 600. It also carries a fairly impressive inventory of standard weapons at prices about 20% over what one might pay in less backwater environs.

Arto locates a rickshaw stand near the north gate but the driver, a long legged, four armed mutant girl with fire red hair refuses to transport anyone through the desert beyond the city wall. She points to a robed humanoid standing near a Gakúz drawn cart and suggests speaking with him.


  1. Arto nods his head to the four-armed mutant girl and makes the hand sign wishing her a prosperous day. He then walks over to the Gakúzier. “Excuse me, Ser,” Arto says to the robed humanoid. “We would like transportation to the moisture farms, just north of this fine city. Could you possibly oblige us in this matter?”

  2. Sungam makes his way over to the Gakúz handler. Addressing Arto, he says "I am interested in travelling north as well, ser. Might I ride along if you hire this cart?"

  3. Jesamin catches up with Arto and Sun as they negotiate with the Gakúzier.

    "Did I hear that you are hiring transport to the moisture farms? Could I share a ride with you folks? I just survived an encounter with some Nininyal junk dealers and while I feel better equipped for desert travel, I'm afraid I now lack the means to purchase personal conveyance."

    [OCC: Jesamin does purchase the used Regulan disruptor]

  4. Max follows the group, and also inquires about transportation.

    "Is there going to be room for all of us, or should I find additional transport?"

  5. "Sali?" Cookie stepped toward the four armed mutant girl with fire red hair, looking shocked. "Sali? What are you doing here - on Mars of all places? Where did you leave the baby?"

    Suddenly the old cook shook his head and his clouded eyes cleared. "Oh, sorry. You look just like my wife. Except she has more arms. And her hair is fire. Not colored like fire. Real fire. Hard to comb, fire is. That newfangled holo-fire - not really fire, silly. Anyway, I need to get. My platoon is shipping out. Tell your father that I'm sorry about the acid. Anyway, gotta go, Maudrice, gotta go!"

    Cookie kissed her on the cheek and scampered (as much as a 70 year old hunchback can scamper,) after the party, feeling strangely invigorated after talking to the girl.

    - Ark


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