Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Turn 14: Sun of the Desert

The robed figure, when approached, is seen to be a large and dangerous looking Shen. A battered wavium rifle is slung across his back and the robe is crisscrossed with bandoliers of ammunition. Despite appearances, he seems quite friendly and introduces himself as Sabb'asch, a trader from Babakú, a village located several hundred miles to the northeast. He explains that he had just arrived in the city prior to the siege and his trade goods were looted leaving him nearly credit-less. Now that hostilities have ended he is preparing to begin the long journey home and would happily convey the party a few miles north, as he will be travelling along the Lamplan road which passes through the northern agricultural district.

His large metal wagon has six massive knobby tires and is pulled by six large and brilliantly striped Gakúz. Although five large dura-steel crates are wedged into the front of the cart, behind the driver’s seat there is ample room in the rear.

Sabb'asch informs the party that he is awaiting a customs officer in order to obtain a travel permit but hopes to leave within two standard hours. [It is now several hours past mid-day, the rendezvous with Husz Chenu is to occur at midnight, in about ten standard hours.]

The Shen invites the party to join him for kaf on a carpet that he has laid out alongside the wagon in the shade of the high city wall. It is growing very hot, the mid-day sun is high in the tainted red sky.


  1. This smells good to us. Kaf would be welcome. We join the hospitable shen and let the others plan whatever they wish to get up to in the two hours or so we ahve before we can leave. It is a good time to clean sand from our weapons...

  2. Cookie plops down on the carpet and begins pulling cans of food, utensils, and a small laserwave oven out of his apron. Soon he has plates of couscous, lentil beans, olives, baba ganush, and flat bread set out. He fits a can of meat on the spit of the laserwave, filling the area with the smell of roasting lamb.

    Picking up a piece of flatbread, Cookie dips it in the baba ganush. "Use your right hand to dip," he says, "And your left hand to wipe. Don't get the two confused. It's important." The hunchback winks and passes out saucers to all around.

    - Ark

  3. [sorry, am running blog silent till early July. Just imagine Cookie doing strange things and throwing grenades at threats until I get back. :) ]

    - Ark

  4. Arto will settle himself on Sabb'asch's carpet and accept a cup of kaf. He will try some of Cookie's baba ganush, but is convinced that dumplings should not have pull-rings.

    If Sabb'asch is inclined to talk, Arto will ask after Sabb'asch's life in the village of Babakú and what brings him to trade so far afield.

  5. To Sabb'asch: "I accept your gracious invitation to share Kaf on your carpet and thank you for your offer to convey us north."

    (Under her breath to Arto): "Hopefully, there won't be any difficulties with the customs inspector...."

    Helping herself to Cookie's strange food, she say to him, "You are a wonder, Mr. Cookie. And this is very tasty."

  6. Sun tries his best to follow proper custom to convey appreciation and respect toward the shen trader. "This kaf is of the highest quality, Sabb'asch of Babakú. You may call me Magnus. I am honoured to break bread with you."

    Sun stuffs his flatbread with lamb, baba ganush, and olives.

    After eating, Sungam excuses himself in the most polite way possible to go prepare a riding spot in the wagon. He uses this activity to conceal his face from the customs officials.

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