Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Turn 17: Landscape with Zrné

Arto scans the rocky sands around the wagon and sees no trace of their movements.  Picking up a wavium rifle from behind the wagon seat, Asab’at turns to Arto,   “Zrné are very dangerous. Fast and agile hunters…poison in their claws. Two are full grown but the others are young and weak.“
Sabb'asch also readies his rifle.  “Terrible creatures of the Pe Choi worlds that have thrived here on Mars. If you intend to continue to the farm it may be necessary to destroy these creatures.  I see an outcrop to the north that would be within firing range.  We would be happy to help…the district agent will probably pay 200 CR for each scalp.”


  1. Maz shakes his head. He had been lost in thought far too long. It was a very bad habit.

    "Can we make it to the outcroping safely? Is there anyway to reach the farm via a comm device?"

    Max pulls out his pistol, and clicks off the safety. Fingering the lens mounted on his forehead he concentrated...

  2. Arto loosens his space sword in its sheath and pulls his scan goggles down over his eyes. Drawing his heater, he swaps the pistol to his off-hand and pulls a tangler grenade from his belt pouch.

    “An outcrop to the north, Sabb'asch?” he says. “If you would be so good as to cover me, I will endeavour to take up a position there.” Glancing at Taliat and Tabash, he says, “Would you gentlesophonts care to join me?”

  3. "200 Cr a head? These creatures must really be a terrible nuisance."

    Jesamin readies her "new" ray pistol and follows the others to outcropping. If possible, she'd prefer to fight from cover.

  4. "Zrné!" Cookie exclaims, as if he had been asleep for almost a month and then suddenly started paying attention to thing. "Where Zrné? Those things are tasty. Well, I mean, they taste like dirt that fell into more dirt, and then had some more dirt kicked on them by a guy with dirty shoes."

    Cookie's eyes began to glaze over, then he perks up again. "It's those poison sacks in their claws that are tasty. You gotta prepare the juice just right, but with a little luck, you can give regular fried tuber dipping sauce quite a zing! Mind you, some people have an allergic reaction that stops their hearts, but sometimes new flavors is worth the risk."

    He yanks a grenade from his bandolier and squints. "Where'd ya say the things are? Point me to em. I'm making dipping sauce tonight!"

    - Ark

  5. Sungam heads for the outcrop to the north. He suggests Arto, Jesamin and Sabb'asch & his daughter take the big one on the left. Tal, Tab, himself, with Cookie and Max will shoot for the one on the right. "We can deal with the small ones afterward. Take careful aim and fire on my mark... ready.. aim.. fire!"

  6. Swapping his heater back to his "on" hand, Arto scans for the Zrné to the left as he cautiously advances.

    Hearing Sungam say, "... fire on my mark ... ready.. aim.. fire!", he shoots at the Zrné to the left, keeping his tangler grenade at the ready in his left hand.


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