Monday, September 19, 2011

Turn 18: Claws and Disposition

Arto, Jesamin, Sun, Taliat and Tabash dash for the outcrop.

The two Shen from Babakú; Sabb'asch and the young female Asab’at fire their wavium rifles. Asab’at’s projectile explodes far off the mark but Sabb'asch’s shot is dead on target and one of the larger beasts is blown off its feet. The barbed alien monster is still howling when its head explodes from the blast of Jesamin’s disruptor.

Taliat and Tabash fire on the large zrné still standing but both miss. Max aims his laser pistol at the same creature and also misses. Sun’s old disruptor rifle hums and its energy blast grazes the beast.

Arto and Cookie lob grenades into the knot of monsters, realizing at the last second that the creatures are likely near their maximum throwing range. Arto’s tangle grenade falls short, exploding in a mass of sticky pink fibers about 25 feet short. Cookie’s shock grenade falls a bit short as well but takes a lucky bounce and explodes close enough to the three smaller zrné. They fall back on their haunches looking dazed.

The large zrné bounds toward the outcrop where Arto, Jesamin, Sun, Taliat and Tabash are sheltered. The four Shen and Sun fire on the creature but only Taliat’s Z ray blast connects. The creature is clearly hurt but keeps charging.

Arto fires with his offhand heat ray pistol and misses but a beam from Max’s laser pistol burns into the side of the bounding creature. Cookie whips another stun grenade at the beast but misjudges its speed and the stun grenade sparks in the distance.

In an instant, the zrné has pounced and it’s on Taliat. Its front claws rip through the Shen’s space armor, badly injuring the alien warrior [8 hp damage and armor auto-seals]. Tabash reacts quickly, unsheathes a space sword and cleanly decapitates the monster.


Across the red sands, Sabb'asch, Asab’at, and Max emerge from cover of the wagon. Sabb'asch calmly dispatches the still dazed young zrné with three shots from his rifle.

Two dusty robots appear walking over the dunes from the direction of the moisture farm. The amplified voice of one of the robots rings in the now still Martian evening.

“Attention, please! You are trespassing and unlawfully hunting on lands registered to the Sugwe Moisture Farm. We claim these kills for the proprietorship. Vacate these premises immediately leaving the carcasses where they have fallen.”