A. Patánalanya


“Know, my child, that the Patánalanya Clan have had a chequered past. We have been High Humanspace Officicators and Pashaws of Bureaux, and we have been street sweepers and Nightsoil Dealers. Even here, on high-tech Culángoola, jewel of the Frontier, Fortune has alternately raised us up and kicked us in the cods.

“Your father’s father’s father, the venerable Salúrambanasa Patánalanya, served a time in the Space Navies of the Veritable Autocrator, rising to the rank of Beylebey before retiring from the service. His adventures across space inspired your father’s father, the indomitable Pashálanak Patánalanya, to join the merchant marine. In the fullness of time, Salúrambanasa and Pashálanak went into business together, joined by several of our cousins, and purchased a ship for trading across the deeps of space. One ship became two, and then three, and then five. And the fortunes of the Patánalanya Clan waxed and waned with the ebb and flow of interstellar trade.

“In the time of your father, the noble Mayamana Patánalanya, commerce grew thin and the Clan made needs to expand their markets and broaden the list of goods in which they traded. And such has been your training, my child, part explorer, part merchant prince, able to turn your hand to various positions within a crew, yet able to strike out across a planet in search of ancient hordes and elusive trade goods.

“You are still unsure of yourself, my child, reticent and closed face when meeting others. To become a great man, like your father’s father’s father, or your father’s father, you must open yourself like a flower before the sun, reflecting your glory upon those around you. Learn this, and you will find yourself upon the path to fortune.”