M. Drankan

Maxaml "Max" Drankan 

Homeworld: ???
Race: Human Sex: Male
Class: Scientist
Str: 12
Dex: 9
Con: 6 -1 Hit Point/Saving Throw Modifier
Int: 18 +3 Language,Skill/Power Selection Mod
Psy:16 +2 Saving Throw Mod, +1 PSY Power success rolls
Cha: 10 4 Retainers. 7 Retainer Morale

Hit Points: 9

Background Skills: Brawler, Driver. Scavenger, Survivalist, Air Pilot, Comms Tech, Comp Tech, Robo Tech, Archeologist, Jack, Mathematician, Medic

Professional Skills (Scientist): Physician +2, Emergy Pistol, Chemist, Roboticist

Powers: Holographic Scanner, Heat Ray

Starting Credits 2000

Gear: Laser Pistol, Skin Suit, Backpack, Canteen, Utility Belt, Communicator ( Micro-set ), Scan Googles, Med Kit, Flask 2 doses, Survival Rations 1 week, Air Tablets x 5, "Lens"

Remaining Credits 125


Max is the son of prominent scientists. His father, Vinsyaz Drankan, a xeno-archeologist traveled to many alien worlds. His wife a physician, traveled with her husband as the expedition's doctor. Max also accompanied his parents, and he soon began helping his father and mother at an early age; his intelligence astounding everyone who meet him. Working on remote worlds with his parents, Max wore many hats, and learned to make do with what he could find.

It was on one of these trips that a plague was unleashed during one of the archeological digs. Max fell ill, and only through his mothers diligent care, medical knowledge, and discovery of a cure, prevented his death. Unfortunately, the virus severely compromised his health.

Because of the effect the virus had on his health, Max choose his primary field as medical science, in the hopes of improving his health. Max is short on funds, and is seeking a better way to fund his research. His last contractual assignment is now over, and he wants to find more lucrative opportunities...