Name: Mosanu "Cookie" Iki

Class: Adventurer
Level: 1
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 70
Homeworld: None (Space Rat)

STR: 11
DEX: 8     (+1 AC)(-1 to hit)(`-1 saves vs. energy blast)
CON: 7     (-1 hp)(`-1 saves vs. poison and disease)
INT: 8       (-1 skill/power selection)
PSY: 10
CHA: 8

HP: 8
AC: 8
Armor: Stillsuit
Weapons: Space Sword 1d10
3 Tangle Grenades
Stun Grenade
Pulse Grenade

Languages: Sunnuz

Background Skills: Cook, Mechanic, Scavenger, Thief, Hunter
Class Skills: Space Swordsman +1, Grenades +2
Powers: None

CR: 30
Gear: Still Suit, Backpack, Laser Flashlight, Lockpick, 3 Survival Rations, Utility Belt, Water Skin, Cooking Supplies (100 Cr) - Total 35.5 lbs. w/Weapons

Mosanu Iki is a hunchbacked, gray-bearded old man. Failing health, eyesight, and memory have taken a strain on him, making him grumpy most of the time. But he's still has his strength, and can lift a vat of lard over his head without too much difficulty. The old man also has a lifetime of skills that enable him survive and thrive in surprising ways. No one goes hungry when he is around, even though they may not want to know what they are eating. Whatever it is, it tastes good. He only goes by the name 'Cookie' while on jobs.

Cookie grew up amongst the dispossessed and unwashed humans who made their home and living in the hidden cracks and crevasses of orbital stations and laugh haul bulk freighters. Using forged papers, he joined the military and became a cook, Using his steady income, he brought his family out of poverty.

After decades of service, however, it was discovered that he had used forged papers to enter the military, and was discharged. Now a disgrace, his family would have nothing to do with him.

Unable to find reputable work, Cookie joined various mercenary groups, but discovered he could not just be a cook - but was expected to fight. Eventually he found contract work salvaging old space hulks and abandoned planet-side facilities. Cookie found he was good at it and after a few lucky hauls, became wealthy. His family welcomed him back with open arms.

Several years later his family had drained him of all his earnings and gotten him into debt. They would have nothing to do with him again. Cookie began to go on more and more dangerous jobs. Several near death brushes with alien monsters, mysterious radiation fields, and sadistic salvage law enforcement officials have left his body nearly broken, his mind a mess, and his bank account still in disarray.

Cookie figures that if he can just survive the next few years, he can earn enough money to get back into the good graces of his family again, and die happy.