S. Bronn

Sungam Bronn

Human Adventurer !st level

Strength - 17

Dexterity - 15

Constitution - 12

Intelligence - 18

Psychic Power - 15

Charisma - 12

background skills:

survivalist, alien contact

professional skills:

hunter, scavenger, primitive bow, space swordsman, energy rifle


1200 credits

Skin suit - an older model, a couple decades out of fashion. Bronze in colour.
Space sword
An old Regulan disruptor rifle


‘Sun’ was raised and taught, from his earliest memory, by a pe choi nanny known only as ‘One.’ His early years were filled with physical and mental training of the most advanced nature. His childhood companions were edudroids and sensei-bots. His games were based on such disciplines as aikido, śastravidyā, physics, and dhanurveda. He and One were isolated in a large self-sufficient bio-enclosure.

As he grew older, he learned about the society and history of the Third Terran Empire. This, of course, raised questions about his own origin. He learned he was the son of a disgraced member of the nobility, but to this day does not know his name. One told him that his parents had left him at age two in the safety of the bio-enclosure before leaving on an important mission in the Rimward Beyond. They were never heard from again.

His father had made a long series of holo-recordings while Sungam was an infant, detailing his beliefs and his commitment to fight against injustice and evil. He built the hidden living and training facility in which Sungam grew up so that his son might one day become the embodiment of this commitment.

On Sungam’s 21st birthday, One deemed him ready. One gifted him with his document of Imperial Citizenship, and for the first time he left the confines of the bio-enclosure. Looking back from the porthole of the small robot-ship, Sun knew for the first time that his last 19 years had been spent beneath the surface of a desolate and atmosphere-less moon. Before the Three Light Drive activated, he was shocked as the area above his only home erupted in a massive explosion.